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Spring 2024 Beginner Beekeeping Course

Spring 2024 Beginner Beekeeping Course

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First Spring 2024 Saturday (one Sunday) Dates:

March 30
April 14 (Sunday)
April 27
May 11

Second Spring 2024 Saturday Course Dates:
March 23
April 6
April 20
May 4

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2023 Spring Apprenticeship

This Spring class will prepare you for the 2023 season. Classes are every other Saturday. If there are questions that we do not cover below please contact us. Communication should be a week before the class starts.

What does the program cost?

The beginner turnkey tuition is $1900.  A non-refundable $50 deposit will secure your spot, the remainder of the fee will be charged before the start of the first class. Classes are capped at 6 people.

If you have all your own equipment including bees, the cost of the program is $1000. A spouse or another adult with you is an additional $100. Kids 12-17 are charged the cost of a bee suit $70 and must accompany a paying adult.

What does this include?

Choice of bee hive (wood or polystyrene) which is two 10 frame deep hive bodies, ten frame medium, 20 unassembled deep frames, 10 unassembled medium frames, 20 double wax deep foundation, 10 double wax medium foundation, jacket and hood bee suit, smoker, smoker fuel, hive tool, mite easy check tool, gallon frame feeder, blowtorch with acetylene container, ratchet strap, entrance reducer (wooden hive only), wood glue, nails, 8 hours of classes, and year round access for follow up questions. We suggest polystyrene because of the benefits it offers, but understand that not everyone appreciates those benefits.

What additional costs are associated with the program?

There are no additional costs. The full fee includes all equipment and bees that are required to get you started as a beekeeper.

Is there ANYTHING else that I will need for this course? What about as a beekeeper?

I would suggest a small air compressor and a nail gun or a hammer when assembling frames. A hammer will be required to assemble the boxes. Some method to paint your boxes will also be required. As a beekeeper you eventually will need a way to extract your honey, tools to filter your honey, tools to bottle your honey, and a method to manage some of the hive pests.

How many people will be in the program?

The class is capped at 6 main people to ensure the experience is intimate and as hands-on as possible. On occasion those who come as a group of 2-3 may increase this number, but the active number of beekeepers should be 6 per class.

I am already a beekeeper. Is this program for me?

This course is largely aimed at beginning beekeepers or those who are beginning and are struggling. We will be going over the basics of beekeeping and providing you with hands-on experience with basic beekeeping so you understand how to successfully start beekeeping.

Where will sessions be held?

The classes will be held at our main apiary in Chillicothe, IL. One week before each session you will receive a reminder of the upcoming session. On the first day of the course you will receive a binder with the course outline and further resources.

My schedule conflicts with one of the classes!

If you are concerned that you will miss one of the days, email us and let’s discuss if we can make it work!

I am a bit nervous about being around bees, but I really want to get over this fear and become a beekeeper. Can they sense my fear, and if so, does that make me a likely target for getting stung?

Honeybees do not act in a predatory manner, and are actually incredibly docile and rarely attack unless they feel threatened. Please know that you are in very good hands. If you ever feel uncomfortable and need to take a break, we will ensure that is allowable and you are given the ample time you need.

How much time will we have for a lunch break? Should I plan to bring a sack lunch?

A sack lunch would be ideal. There are a few close restaurants, but bringing a lunch would be better. We do have bathroom facilities and a refrigerator on site.

Is it okay to take photos during the classes? How about video recordings of your teaching?

We are ok with photos, and we would love for you to tag us on social media! Short video recordings of class are ok, but we ask that you refrain from videos longer than 30 seconds. Make sure any photos or videos being taken aren’t taking your attention away from the task at hand.

If inclement weather prevents us from inspecting hives, will we still meet? How will I be notified if there is a last minute change in the schedule?

If weather (strong rains or temperatures below 50 degrees) prevents us from working hives, we may or may not move forward with the classroom portion of the day, depending on the topic. Any inclement weather days will be rescheduled, and you will be notified of changes in schedule via email.

I wasn’t able to participate in this session. Will you be offering this program again?

There are two different sessions offered during the spring. We also have programs that are 1.5 hours for those who are interested but not sure you want to be a beekeeper. Those are the Day With a Beekeeper courses.

This sounds amazing. What do I do next?

Sign up and register and we will be in touch soon!

I have more questions! Where do I go?

Just email us. We are happy to answer any and all questions.


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(309) 229-9873
12000 N Riverview Rd. Chillicothe, IL 61523

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Dustin Frank
Dustin Frank review

Amazing bee keeper, if you want to get into something that is fun, sustainable, good for the environment, and of course tasty. There is no better teacher to learn from. My experience was a 10/10

Kelly Harvey
Excellent beekeeper and teacher

Luke is extremely patient and calm when teaching people about bees. He often reminds me to take slow deep breaths and has helped me overcome my anxiety about being around bees.